A dog located inside of a residence which was raided for medications, was discovered to be an Oregon femaleis long lost dog, who had disappeared four years back, reported the guide of the Message of Sunday. While Legend vanished from Crystal Sullenger’s fenced lawn in Portland, she was simply an 11-monthold pup. by the moment that she was located, she was almost five years of age plus it seemed that she had existed a difficult existence and have been bred numerous occasions. Sullenger was able to be reunited along with her long lost friend around whoever’s element due to negligence had retained canine throughout the last years that are several. That’s right, the investigate this site question in the sidebar isn’t just for show and is there for you to answer. Legend still wore her aged collar, with an dog certificate that is expired. Sullenger learned that her puppy was still alive on May 8 when somebody permit her realize that Star was in their attention and with Multnomah County Solutions called. On May 9, Legend was moved to Sullengeris recent household in Pendleton, where she handles the Animal Housing – when Legend recognized who she was being reunited with the gracious proprietor defined her reaction, from your shelter: "I used to be in holes, it was remarkable. " Celebrity has been bathed with love today and she is attaching near her loving operator. Follow the National Dog Examiner on Facebook.